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Apple gets honors, Zuckerberg's hearing, and even Apple Stores now run on renewable energy - Apple's April 2018 in review

If you're not already in the habit of just looking away from technology news on April 1 each year, try it in 2019. The annual April Fools' Day round has turned up the occasional amusing moment bit we're struggling to remember any —and none came this year. We did warn you.  apple router not working

There's funny ha-ha, there's funny peculiar and somewhere in the middle there is news that's too familiar to be funny anymore. In response to a new UK law requiring disclosure, Apple this month revealed that on average men in its British operations earned five percent more than women. 
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Apple said that the disparity was due to there being more men in senior, higher-paying positions than women. The company did report that it was taking steps to address the disparity, most significantly in how it will no longer ask for a salary history when employing someone.

However the company does have to report salary or income changes when they effect the most senior of those senior people. At the start of April 2018, 
seven of the company's top executives received a bonus with a vesting of restricted stock grants.  reset airport extreme password

Perhaps you're more used to getting restricted stock grants than we are, but we understand the bottom line: this was all worth a total of almost $22 million.

The seven included Craig Federighi and 
Angela Ahrendts but not Tim Cook. Search us. 

They made money, there's nothing wrong with that and doubtlessly they earned it. Still, if that's nice for them, there was another disclosure in April that was good for all of us.

As of April 2018, Apple's entire operation runs on 100% renewable power. That does include Apple Park, it does include its data centers and it even includes all its retail stores.


That last has to give you pause. It can't be that an Apple Store can be on 100 percent renewable energy if the mall it's in is not. And it isn't. While fully Apple-owned buildings are run directly on renewable energy, there are sites where it can't yet. In that case, Apple can produce energy elsewhere and get a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) to show that it has consumed less power than it's made.


This one of the smallest parts of the Apple renewable power story yet it's one where the company has truly done well. There's a catch to the idea of RECs in that unscrupulous companies can buy them to make it seem as if they are reducing their usage of non-renewable sources.


Apple, led by Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, is scrupulously up front about how using renewable energy either directly or via RECs from local sources.